Artist Bio

Billy Bunyard

By John Parsons

Billy Bunyard grew up in southeast Kansas with a passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors. As a son of a trapper and fur buyer he was exposed at a young age to wildlife in a way that would be valuable to anyone considering a career in taxidermy. His father taught him as a child, not only the ways of wildlife in the field such as reading sign, scent control, tracking, etc., but also how to care for the skins they harvested, such as skinning, fleshing and drying.

After graduating from West Elks High School in Howard, KS Billy attended Matuskas School of Taxidermy in Spirit Lake, Iowa. After receiving his diploma for taxidermy school he worked for a prominent midwestern taxidermy studio. There he gained valuable experience mounting large life-sized North American, African and Exotic species.

Billy has won numerous awards for his work, including first place, best of show and best of category from the Kansas Association of Taxidermists for his work on African and North American Life-sized animals.